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11 - 03 - 2018

What Does ‘KC Reg’ Mean to These Dogs?

When we rescue dogs from breeders and puppy farmers they are always in varying states of neglect and ill-health. All are in desperate need of baths, many are severely underweight and all are poorly socialised. Some of the problems they have are obvious to our noses and untrained eyes but it’s not until they’ve seen a vet that the full extent of their issues is known. We are fortunate to work closely with excellent rescues who go out of their way to give the dogs all they need, which sometimes can be a lot of serious care over time.

For every dog we rescue, we receive veterinary reports which show the common problems dogs face when coming out of commercial breeding kennels, including breeders who register their puppies with the Kennel Club. We know that a puppy being sold as ‘KC Registered’ means nothing when it comes to welfare. For the dogs, it brings no benefits at all as we see time and time again when we visit breeders/puppy farmers who are selling pups with genuine KC papers. It isn’t just us saying so, the vet reports provide all the evidence needed to know that KC registration does not help the dogs in any shape or form.

Recurring themes in the reports are skin, eye and ear infections, poor muscle tone, obvious signs of neglect and in the case of Cavaliers in particular, heart murmurs. Their poor mouths are almost always in a shocking state, we can only imagine the pain they live with as their mouths rot and they try to eat with constant, worsening pain and infection during their years of breeding.

As our rescue work is done alongside investigations, to protect future work we have blanked certain details, but here’s an example of a recent veterinary report:

The dogs we receive reports on are not isolated cases, they are the tip of a nasty iceberg of over breeding, neglect, abuse and greed which is what the puppy business is.

Here’s another report, the dogs in this particular one – which is typical of many others we hold on record – were rescued by us a few months ago from a breeder who is licensed for over 40 dogs and who sells puppies directly to the public.

This breeder, selling Kennel Club registered puppies, advertising regularly, selling directly to the public is leaving dogs in states of neglect that any decent person would consider disgusting. This is the reality of the puppy industry. Kennel Club registration means nothing to the poor dogs whose ears and mouths, hearts, bodies and minds show how much value can be placed on ‘Kennel Club papers’.

To read more on the part the Kennel Club Registration Schemes play in puppy farming, this article from Ryan O’Meara is a good explanation.

Kennel Club Hypocrisy On Puppy Farming

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