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07 - 11 - 2017

What A Thousand Pounds Buys In Today’s Puppy Market

If you were to pay over one thousand pounds for a puppy wouldn’t you expect it to be a healthy, happy, well-bred pup and for you to have years of happiness together? It’s a reasonable expectation, after all, a thousand pounds is a lot of money to pay for anything. But in today’s thriving puppy market, one thousand pounds won’t necessarily guarantee anything of the sort. What you might get, as several puppy buyers who have recently contacted us have found out, is a very unhealthy, very ill, in fact in one case, a fatally ill puppy.

In the last few weeks, we have had reports from 3 different buyers of 3 puppies which have been bought from the same location. All 3 puppies had parvo virus, 2 have survived, but sadly one died. If you’re unfamiliar with parvo, it’s a nasty infection and puppies suffer terribly when they contract it.

The premises the puppies were bought from is a smart residential house, impressive to look at. It gives a good impression and that’s the point. These breeders know a good first impression can pull the wool over puppy buyers eyes quicker than you can say ‘wheresmum’.

In these particular sales, mum, or at least a possible mum is present. It’s hard for first time buyers to tell. She’s brought in for viewing and not put down on the ground. A yarn is spun about hygiene and all the rest as the sales pitch goes on to dupe the buyers. If she was put down, it might be more obvious she’s unhappy, or unhealthy, but as a first-time puppy buyer in unfamiliar territory it’s hard to know that it’s not normal for mum to be carried around, it looks all perfectly ok if you don’t know any better. If she was put down on the ground, she’d more than likely scuttle away as she’s probably terrified of human contact, certainly not socialised, not a normal, healthy, happy dog.

Nor are the pups. They’re confined to a play pen type of area as the credit card payment machine is whipped out, close to hand and the sales are concluded. Job done as far as the breeder is concerned. And hard, nigh on impossible to prove this is, or is not a ‘third party sale’, one where mum is not with pups. Maybe the female dog present actually is mum? Who can know for sure at the moment of sale except the breeder/seller?

We hear many stories like this from trusting buyers, buyers who do often do their best to research, but who are at the mercy of devious dealers and breeders who make it their day’s work to sell the pups. And don’t give another thought to whether the pups live or die once they leave them.

Our hearts break for the puppies and their parents; the new owners do all they can to save the babies, at huge cost to their pockets and hearts. But, back at the pet shop, the house, the puppy farm there will be no vet treatment for the innocents. If they die, they die in agony and alone, covered in their own faeces and blood.

Please help us to educate everyone who is thinking about buying a puppy. The puppy market is a nasty one. We need your help to tell everyone the cruel truth about many of the puppies for sale today.

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