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26 - 05 - 2020

We Hand Over The Baton

As you may have heard Puppy Love are taking a step back from the puppy farming fight.

Since the introduction of ‘Lucy’s Law’ in April this year, it has become harder and harder to monitor dealers and breeders. This is a law that it’s claimed will end puppy farming. In fact, it has made things much, much worse.

Just as we feared it would, and expressed during the months of consultation, breeders are exploiting the rescue option.  This means it’s harder to get action taken against them.

We have worked night and day for 13 years to expose the puppy trade. During this time we have had some fantastic success stories, prosecutions have resulted from our work and hundreds of breeding dogs have been rescued.

We now look on in horror as the same breeders and dealers we’ve been working to expose and get action taken against by the authorities for years, effortlessly abuse the third party ban on the sale of pups. It’s an absolute and depressing farce.

It is because of the huge scale of the problem that we have decided to retire as it’s very unlikely those who are responsible for creating this hideous mess will fix it. There is simply no will to get the trade sorted out in any effective way.

We hand the baton to a much younger and fitter group of campaigners Cruelty Exposed.  They have our blessing and undying support and we wish them courage in the months and years to come fighting for the dogs.

The rescue side of our team will continue to rescue ex-breeding dogs.

We hope you understand our decision and we thank you for all the support you have given over the years. Please extend that support now to our friends at

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