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30 - 09 - 2019

UK’s Puppy Farm Capital – Exposed

For the past year we’ve been working with BBC Wales to bring to the public the truth about what is going on in puppy farms across Wales. The result will be aired tonight in BBC Wales Investigates – Inside the UK’s Puppy Farm Capital.

We have been inside breeding sheds across the the country filming dogs living in conditions which are as bad as any we have seen in over 12 years investigating the puppy trade. When the BBC decided to work with us, we knew that the doors we would open for them would shock the viewing public when the programme aired. For many months we’ve documented breeding dogs suffering in several different puppy farms which are operating legally with licenses which are issued for conditions which are blatantly illegal; conditions which breach multiple animal welfare regulations.

BBC exposé shows a small fraction of the evidence. In coming weeks we will be putting much more into the public domain in the fervent hope that public outrage will result in enough public pressure and scrutiny on those with the power and responsibility to stop the suffering now.

Much of the work we do means that we have to film, document, record and then leave the dogs behind. Never doubt that this always breaks our hearts and means that we can never sleep easy knowing that we cannot do more at that immeidate time. But our fight for the dogs continues once we are away from the puppy farms. We don’t ever forget the suffering we have seen, heard and smelled.

During the course of our investigations fortunately, we were able to save some dogs. In the BBC programme, little Olwyn is seen getting to the safety of Hope Rescue – an excellent team which we work with and who ensured Olywn received all the veterinary care she needed to save her life which included emergency surgery to remove a dead pup from her birth canal. If we hadn’t been there for her that day, she would, without doubt have died in the puppy farm.

Like this schnauzer puppy. We don’t know why he died, what we do know as we were there and witnessed it – and heartbreakingly we couldn’t help him – was that his innocent little body was surrounded by filth and bluebottle flies. The farm he was condemned to die in is operating with a license. This is what is happening every single day, week after week, year after year in Wales.

This dreadful suffering has to end. How much more evidence has to be seen for the authorities to seriously act to end this abomination. Laws are already in place which makes this suffering illegal. But the laws are not enforced. There is little point in calling for more laws if those that exist are not enforced. We want more laws. We want restrictions on the number of breeding dogs any person can keep. We want laws that work. That will be enforced. But what we most want now is for the existing laws to be enforced. Right now. What possible justification can there be for the authorities – the local councils and the Welsh Government – to let this go unchecked. To allow the wilful breaking of laws that are supposed to be protecting the dogs.

What might happen now following our work with the BBC exposing the complicity of many in the disgraceful puppy farming business is that statements will be made that what’s needed is yet more consultation or review. But it is really much simpler. What could be done to end the suffering today, is for the laws that are already enacted to be enforced.

Today. It could end today. Please work with us and not allow those with power to dodge this any longer.

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