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06 - 04 - 2018

Three Week Old Puppy Illegally Sold With Mum

There are many faces of puppy farming and in the years we’ve been fighting it, we’ve seen a nasty business change and adapt so that evil people can carry on, business as usual despite all attempts to stop them. There’s so much money to be made from breeding and selling dogs they don’t give up easily. They know full well that those with power, authority and responsibility to protecting dogs are often ineffective, uninterested or just incapable of doing their jobs properly.

For every good news story like this from Canterbury Council, acting decisively against Doodlepets (a breeder we’ve reported on over the years) there’s many more bad ones that show what a complete disaster the current situation is for breeding dogs and their pups.

A few days ago an internet initiated sale took place which illustrates a really ugly side of the puppy business. The buyer had been looking for a bichon puppy and she saw a mum and pup being offered for sale online by a breeder. The pup looked very young but the ad stated 8 weeks.

When the buyer went along to view the puppy, there was no way she could walk away from the pair. Mum and pup were filthy, pitiful and pup looked extremely young.  Although reluctant, she bought them both.  She knew that in an ideal world she should have left and reported the case. But in the presence of such vulnerable animals she acted in the best way she could. She knew that if she’d walked away it was highly unlikely to bring a happy outcome for mum and pup who could be sold while waiting for anyone to act on her report.

They were taken to a vet within hours who confirmed the puppy was indeed just 3 weeks old. She wasn’t weaned and if she had been sold without her mum – as was advertised and it’s to be presumed the seller would have been happy to do so if this buyer hadn’t bought them together – it’s doubtful she would have survived. Both mum and pup were full of worms taking a serious toll on their bodies. Thankfully they are both doing well, getting the right treatment and good food.

It is illegal to sell a pup at this age. Illegal sales like this occur all the time, we know this for certain.
This backyard breeder is unlicensed and of course has been reported. There are other dogs and pups on site at risk. As the breeder is unlicensed it means that the council has no right of entry and gaining evidence to gain this will take them time, time the dogs don’t have. RSPCA have been informed but again, has no right of entry and it’s unknown how long it will take for them to visit.

Even though this is a blatantly illegal operation and sale which breaches multiple laws, dogs will still be suffering today, tomorrow, next week and on into the future. It’s a very sad, frustrating situation and just one of many happening all around the country, day in, day out.

This week alone we’ve heard from several buyers who believed they had done the right thing, done their research and asked the questions we say every buyer needs to ask. Including buyers who bought direct from breeders who sold puppies with KC papers. Buyers who saw mum. It’s a minefield for puppy buyers even when they do follow all the advice.

The people selling puppies are in the business of selling and that’s all they care about. They know all the right answers to give to stop purchasers being suspicious. After all, many of them have been in this business for years, dodging questions, putting on a good front, playing on people’s emotions. All the tricks of this miserable trade are out there for puppy buyers to fall prey to.

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