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21 - 01 - 2018

Their Stories Must Be Heard

One aspect of our work has always been to help puppy buyers who have the bad, terrible experience of seeing a newly bought pup fall sick, or worse, die shortly after joining their family. This side of our work is time consuming, sensitive and can be very frustrating. Not only because we hear over and over how puppy buyers are taken in by those breeding and selling puppies, but also because we hear time and again how much the poor puppies suffer. And if the puppies are suffering, their parents are too, often unseen, unheard and unreported.

Puppy buyers, especially first time buyers, are at the mercy of people who are in the business of making money from selling puppies and who know exactly what they’re doing.  Unlike the puppy purchasers, for whom it’s often the first time they’ve ever seen a puppy up close. Puppy buyers today can do everything possible to make sure they don’t make mistakes, and it can still all go wrong. This is not the fault of the buyers who do their research, the fault lies at the feet of the breeders and all who sell the puppies and make the money.

Some of the breeders we track and get contacted about sell many, many puppies a year, and have been in the business for years. They are steps ahead of puppy buyers and in some cases have years of dealing with complaints about their puppies who might have fallen sick shortly after purchase. For the puppy buyer, especially those for whom it’s the first time, they don’t know what to expect, what to do or what their rights are. It can be a rollercoaster of a time and very hard to cope with everything. For a family who has a sick, helpless puppy on their hands or in the vets, it’s an emotional and upsetting experience. For a money-driven breeder, it’s business.

Over the years we’ve published many stories from people who have wanted to go on record with their experiences in the hope it will help prevent further suffering. Our website has verified, truthful stories going back years, with some breeders and businesses no longer operating, while sadly some are, despite years of complaints. Read more here.

Everything we ever put in the public domain is truthful and backed up with evidence. We know what we’re doing when it comes to collecting, collating and using evidence. We’ve been instrumental in providing evidence for several successful prosecutions over more than the decade that we’ve been doing this. As well as publishing personal accounts from individuals, we advise people how to make complaints to those with the responsibility – and authority – to protect the dogs.

To go on record is a hard and courageous decision made by individuals. Many decide it’s not what they’ll do; sometimes it’s just that they are so emotionally exhausted by their experiences; other times, it’s because of the fear of the intimidation that can result – and this happens and it’s not pleasant to be on the end of. We know ourselves how hard it can be and are highly sensitive with puppy buyers upset by the process. But going on record, telling the truth, is one powerful way of showing others that all may not be as it seems when they’re thinking about a particular breeder, or buying a puppy.

Personal experiences of things going wrong for buyers and their puppies need to be heard. We will always publish the stories. We will always speak up and support puppy buyers. We will always help them to show that the lives of these innocent dogs, in some cases lives cut tragically short, do count. It can never be right that a puppy’s life is only valued by the money that’s been made by the breeder.

If you have bought a sick puppy, can provide the evidence and are willing to go on record, we will publish your story.

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