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18 - 12 - 2017

Success for Oscar's Law!

We offer massive congratulations to the Oscar’s Law team in Australia, especially founder Debra Tranter for what happened at the end of last week in the Victorian Parliament. The Puppy Farm and Pet Shops Law passed which means that from July 2018 no puppies or kittens will be able to be sold in pet shops across the state of Victoria. Instead retail centers will be public, very visible showcases for the amazing friends that rescue pets are as they switch to running adoption days.

Debra has fought hard for many years to get this legislation passed and the great thing is that it doesn’t only stop sales from pet shops, the puppy factories and breeders are targeted too with key measures. For the first time ever in Australia there will be limits on the numbers of dogs any breeder can keep, this will severely impact the business model of puppy farmers. The whole Bill keeps the focus firmly on what happens inside the puppy farms at the same time as stopping the sales in shops. Something we are delighted to see included. And there’s more! Online sales are also given attention – something that must happen if there’s to be any hope of helping to stop the cruelty that marks much of commercial breeding. A breeder registration scheme means there will be traceability and it will be much harder for anyone to get away with bad practices.

You can read more details of the law here.

We think the words of the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews gives a good idea of just how amazing this achievement, and Debra are:

“We banned cruel puppy farms in Victoria.
December 15, 2017 will be known as the day this industry of misery died in our state.
It’s what we promised – and I’m so proud we delivered it.
But truth is, it’s not our victory.
It’s really all thanks to Debra and everyone like her.
Their work has made our state a better place.
They shone a light on cruelty. They fought so long for fairness. They even joined us on the steps of Parliament as this Bill passed.”

Debra has been a good friend to us from the beginning when we first began investigating puppy farms in the UK, 10 years ago. By then, she already had many years experience of going into Australian puppy factories. Behind the scenes she’s been a trusted source of support and advice when we’ve needed it. And, having shared similar harrowing experiences on each side of the world from inside puppy farms we’ve shared mutual understandings of exactly the full horror of what the dogs suffer in this industry.

We applaud her and the whole Oscar’s Law team for all their work they’ve done over the years for the dogs. Debra’s a real inspiration to many around the world and we’re so pleased that her dedication and hard work means that for the first time, breeding dogs and puppies in Australia have significant legal protection. Now the work continues, to spread the same across the whole country.

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