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22 - 09 - 2019

Puppy Farmers Are Busy & So Are We

This year has been one of our busiest. We say it every year, and it’s true. We get busier which reflects the busy nature of the nasty side of the puppy business. It’s been a distressing year at times, as we’ve been gathering a lot of evidence on what is actually going on in the UK’s puppy farms. We use this evidence to report to local authorities, the RSPCA, Scottish SPCA, local and national politicians and sometimes it brings about positive outcomes. When good news is slow to come by, you can be assured that it is not for our lack of trying.

We report, report, report. We follow up, we chase the authorities and sometimes they act, sometimes they stonewall. But we don’t give up. We don’t put ourselves at risk gathering evidence only to be put off by a bit of stonewalling by those with the power – and responsibility – to make things better for the dogs. But it gets hard year after year to see that little appears to change despite the promises and smooth words of those trying to pull the wool over the public’s eyes.

A licensed puppy farm we have investigated this year. One licensed by a Welsh Council.

Our mission is to always tell the truth about the puppy business. Even if that is not what people want to hear. Or see. Our footage is upsetting. We know it is, we film it. We see, hear and smell the suffering of innocent dogs close up. We know it is hard to look at some of what we make public. But, we must urge everyone not to turn away from the dogs.

Puppy farming in UK

This week we had hoped to bring you news on a couple of prosecutions our evidence helped to secure but it seems the wheels of justice turn slowly. In the meantime, we can tell you that we continue to shine our light into the darkest corners of the puppy farming world. Footage taken in 2018/19 proves beyond doubt dogs and pups are still suffering. Please if you are going to buy a puppy make sure you buy responsibly, check pup is chipped to the breeder, see vaccination certificates and proof of any health test. See the whole litter interacting with mum before making a choice. You can end this, we can do it together.

Posted by Puppy Love Campaigns on Monday, 24 June 2019

We ask you to do whatever you can to make sure people are seeing what needs seeing. We ask for all our supporters to share our videos and this blog post and anything else we make public and to do it for the dogs. To know that by a simple share, you are acting. You are making it that bit harder for puppy farmers to get away with their greedy ways.

When we can, we share good news. We want to have more good news to share but sadly the puppy business is full of bad news. But, here’s one case where our input helped to bring about a good outcome when it came to court and the puppy farmer was jailed.

We hope to be able to bring you more like this soon but the wheels of justice turn slowly. We have a lot going on here at Puppy Love HQ and soon, very soon, we will be making more of this year’s work public. We know it will shock many, and be upsetting, but we urge everybody to stay engaged, to keep caring, to act for the dogs and to help us get the truth out there.

A Welsh puppy farm in 2019. This is the reality for the dogs today. This is a licensed hell.

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