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I applaud the thorough investigative work Puppy Love Campaigns have done to expose this brutal industry. They are showing you the evidence that the pet industry doesn’t want you to see. For too long this has been a hidden industry and the public have been manipulated. This is consumer fraud and our animals are suffering. The call for Oscar’s Law is not a state or national one; it’s a global call for justice. Wherever our companion animals are being treated with this sort of brutality we must join together and demand Oscar’s Law to abolish the factory farming of our best friends. The power is in our hands and we are part of the solution. Refuse to purchase a companion animal from a pet shop or with a few clicks of your computer mouse on internet sites. Recognise that you have the ability to shut down this industry that views out best friends as breeding machines. Together we can create justice.

Debra Tranter, Australia’s Leading Anti-Puppy Farm Campaignerhttp://www.oscarslaw.org/

I’d been familiar with the work of Puppy Love Campaigns for a number of years before I began writing about puppy farming. When I decided to publish my first book there was no more reliable source for me to turn to than Puppy Love Campaigns. During my research I’ve sat through hours of their footage, all of it upsetting but necessary to bring to us all the brutal reality for breeding dogs. I, and other campaigners and individuals trying to do what we can to end the suffering of dogs in the breeding industry owe Puppy Love Campaigns huge respect for what they’ve done over the years. Without their bravery and dedication, few would know what goes on behind the closed doors of the nation’s breeding facilities.

Janetta Harvey, Writer, Blogger and Authorhttp://www.janettaharvey.com/

The unnecessary suffering that’s caused by puppy farmers and other irresponsible dog breeders is absolutely appalling. It has to stop. And,by destroying their market, ordinary dog lovers can make it happen. If you’re thinking about getting a dog, you can make a difference. Only buy from someone who can prove they’ve taken all reasonable steps to protect the welfare of both the parents and puppies in their care. Do your homework and make sure you know how to pick out the really responsible from the rogues. And don’t forget that appearances can be deceptive. It’s not just puppy farmers you need to avoid. There are bad breeders at championship dog shows too. You need to steer well clear of anyone who doesn’t genuinely put their dogs first through what they do and not just what they say. Dogs deserve so much better from us. We have a choice, they don’t. For everyone’s sake, choose well.

Mark Evans, Vet and TV Celebrityhttp://www.markevans.co.uk/

Puppy farming is a disgraceful abuse of dogs and its continuation in the UK is an ongoing animal welfare catastrophe. It is up to everyone of us to fight it until it’s gone. To speak out and to educate. The dog has earned the reputation of man’s best friend for good reason, now it’s time that we work harder than ever to try and repay some of that loyalty. Puppy farming must end and it must end now.

Ryan O’Meara, Publisher of K9 Magazine, Author and Former Professional Dog Trainerhttp://www.k9magazine.com/

Puppy farming is an abuse of our loyal canine companions who deserve to be brought up in healthy and loving environments, and I wholeheartedly support Puppy Love’s Campaign aim to bring an end to the suffering puppy farms cause.

Joe Inglis, TV Vethttp://www.petskitchen.co.uk/

There is nothing more trusting, or more innocent than a puppy. Yet, these precious, heart-warming and beautiful little beings are used and abused, and along with their parents, they are exploited in the most appallingly cruel way in places called puppy farms. Puppies are bred in this way by unscrupulous and uncaring people who wish to make money from constant sales profits of young dogs. Puppy farming is a trade for profit and puppies are living creatures that should not be used as products to sell. You can make a difference, a real difference to help end this cruel trade. It’s simple. Don’t buy a puppy from a pet shop or from any outlet that seems to be selling animals as ‘objects’. Puppies born in puppy farms are sold in a number of ways, through pet shops, via the internet and through advertising in the classified section of newspapers. You may think this is the quick and easy way to obtain a pup. But you could be buying a very unhealthy pet that may cost you a lot of money in veterinary treatment. Many pups bought from retail outlets have been bred in filthy conditions and pups whose parents are bred over and over again may have congenital diseases and deformities. If you are looking for a dog or a puppy to add to your family please consider adopting a pet from a reputable rescue organisation. If you are looking for a specific breed there are now many rescue organisations that specialise in helping certain breeds. Remember thousands of dogs of all ages are euthanized each year because of over breeding, coupled with the fact that there are not enough good homes to go around, you can see that adopting a rescue dog or puppy could make a difference to this problem and you could save a life. If you still wish to buy a puppy rather than adopt, please find out as much as you can about the breeder and visit the breeding establishment personally. Ask to see the parents of the puppy and take note of how the dogs are living and in what conditions the puppy has been reared. Ask as many questions as you can. Make sure you are not buying from a puppy farming ‘business’ that has no regard for your puppy’s health and welfare. It is never a good idea to buy a puppy on impulse or for a Christmas present. Your pup will grow into your special companion and become part of your family for many years. It is worth taking time to choose the right dog for your lifestyle and careful consideration should be given to the needs of your new family member and how you will be able to care for him or her for the rest of the dog’s lifetime. Please don’t be fooled by the quick sell and the cute picture in advertisements. All puppies are cute and sweet but some are not lucky enough to have the best start in life. Buying into the chain of misery created by puppy farms means you are being taken for a fool and your money will help to fund the next litter of unhealthy puppies that will be sold for profit from a puppy farm. Be a responsible dog owner and help to end this cruel trade in puppies.

Maria Daines, Singer/Songwriterhttp://www.maria-daines.com/