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01 - 10 - 2019

Now You’ve Seen What We’ve Been Doing All Year…

Last night the news report which we’ve been working hard on for over a year with BBC Wales was aired. We hope it will be a game-changer for the breeding dogs because heaven alone knows something has to change and soon. What the film clearly showed, without any doubt is that the existing laws which should protect breeding dogs are not being enforced.

Right across Wales we took the BBC team to puppy farms which are in regular, repeated breach of regulations. This could not have been clearer illustrated last night and we’re thankful that the BBC took our concerns seriously and worked with us to get the shocking truth out there into the public domain.

Here is a link to the programme if you haven’t yet seen it:


What was revealing in all of it, was not only how tied up in the puppy farm business certain vets are, as well as the council inspectors and councils who repeatedly license places which are in clear breach of laws and regulations. but how those with responsibility refused to be interviewed by the BBC team. Those who should be answering questions will not, or cannot. They hide away from scrutiny while the dogs keep suffering.

We hear that people often claim to speak for the dogs, well we need you all to start shouting for them. In the face of this programme, where the evidence is so clear that nobody even tried to make any excuses to the BBC team, please take action today.

We suggest you directly contact the Minister who is ultimately responsible for what is happening in the puppy farms – Lesley Griffiths. Ask her what specific and immediate action she is going to make happen in Wales in view of the film and evidence. Any concerned citizen has the right to ask this, you do not need to be a constituent to express your views about the shameful treatment of dogs in Wales. For which the responsibility lies with her.

Remind her that existing laws would prevent most of the terrible cruelty seen in the BBC Programme if they were enforced. It is the failure to enforce them that’s allowing the situation to be so bad. Matters are totally out of control. It is not new laws that are urgently needed but enforcement of those already in place. The Minister must explain what she is going to do to make enforcement happen. She says she cares about this matter. Let’s see that care translate into effective action.

Contact her by email at this address:

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