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01 - 05 - 2015

May 2015 – Spring News

Time moves on but not a lot changes in the dark world of puppy farming and puppy trafficking.

The Dog Factory

Earlier this year we worked with BBC Scotland who made The Dog Factory, an hour long documentary about puppy farming. If you haven’t yet seen it you can view it here on our website Seen by huge national audience it caused quite a stir both on social media and in the press, as a result DSPCA in Ireland has called for change

It features a prolific puppy dealer in Scotland who sells pups from his home under the false pretence pups are Scottish bred. In fact pups are imported from Southern Ireland. The programme showed one puppy farm in Ireland with 500 breeding dogs on site. Most of the pups are sold onto the UK via on line ads or pet shops. Please watch the film, it will show you what is happening right NOW in this dirty world of deceit.

As well as giving programme makers information we also allowed BBC Scotland to use some of our footage from Welsh puppy farms so that the public could see Wales is also a huge concern, with hundreds of puppy battery farms all across its beautiful landscape. A secret Wales don’t want you to to see but one that Puppy Love Campaigns will continue to expose.


In the latter part of last year we also rescued a pack of 6 dogs who were living in terrible conditions in Wales. The dogs were semi feral, some were very thin and most were untouched by human hand. RSPCA did go and check on the dogs after we reported the case but apart from a clean up notice being issued no other action was taken. It was thought pups had died on site, the pack was a mix of male and female, young and old. We thought at least RSPCA would have suggested they were neutered but they didn’t

We could not leave them there for another harsh Winter in a freezing barn with no bedding or comfort, if pups had been born they wouldn’t sand a chance of survival. A vet who commented on our footage said he wouldn’t be happy for the dogs to be left in such awful conditions. Puppy Love felt the same way and were left with no option but to try and help them ourselves. Thanks to some of our wonderful Welsh supporters, a plan to get them to safety was agreed with the dogs owner. Please keep in mind we are small voluntary group with no funding so we had to rely on volunteers using their own money and transport to get the dogs to safety in some horrific Winter weather. How much easier it would have been for a large, rich national charity to help the dogs. Like you we care deeply for all dogs and can’t leave them to suffer when the power to help them is in our hands. The dogs are now all happy and well loved as all dogs should be.


We continue to name and shame dealers and pet shops who sell farmed pups so that the public can make an informed choice when looking to buy a puppy. Dealers and pet shops continue to try and intimidate us, to stop us speaking the truth. We won’t stop making people aware and if we can slow the trade down by warning just a few people of the pitfalls they face when buying a puppy then its worthwhile.


We thank you all for your continued support and for information given. We need your help more than ever as the trade gets worse by the day, we can only do what we do with your fantastic help. A special thanks goes to Sarah Kells who had an awareness and fund raising day in Wrexham for Puppy Love raising Four hundred pounds.Thank you Sarah and the kind people of Wrexham!

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