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20 - 12 - 2018

It’s been a tough but rewarding year

2018 has  been a really tough and busy, but rewarding year for Puppy Love Campaigns.   We have rescued more breeding dogs than ever before and seen them go to loving homes. We never set out to rescue dogs but when we get the chance to, we will, while collecting evidence of what’s really going on in the puppy industry. And you can be assured that when we rescue any dogs no money changes hands between us and breeders aka puppy farmers.

Making sure the dogs get the best care once they are free is a major priority for us. For this reason we’re extremely careful to ensure that the dogs we save only go to ethical rescues. They deserve the very best after what they have experienced and the rescues we use make sure they get it.

Some of the dogs we’ve saved this year had been kept in a dark shed since birth. We aren’t guessing when we tell you this, we saw it with our own eyes. They were unused to humans and it was heart-breaking to see the terror in their eyes.

Many months down the line they are recovering well in homes with adopters who love and adore them.

A couple of lucky dogs, safe and loved.

One major achievement this year which makes all the effort worthwhile was the closure of a large puppy farm operation where conditions for the dogs were terrible. We are used to seeing bad conditions but this one shocked us to the core and upset us greatly. We were  so relieved when, acting on our evidence the RSPCA emptied the huge barn and took all dogs to safety.

Sometimes we never get to see the final results of our investigatons, this time was different. To see the barn standing empty and silent, where previously we had seen, heard and smelled such suffering, to know for sure that over 40 dogs and their pups were safe, brought us to happy tears.

Another case which is ongoing, limiting what we can say at this stage, is one that 2019 should see come to full public attention. Acting for an informant as a reliable intermediary, we passed evidence and information to the RSPCA about another large, notorious puppy farm in England. This allowed them to execute a warrant and 94 dogs were taken to safety. There’s lots more to say about this case, but for now, we must make you wait till 2019 for the full process to be concluded.

Thank you once again for the wonderful support you give us. We really do appreciate it, it keeps us going through the dark days when we want to give up. When the pain gets too much and the rewards are too few.

We will keep going because we owe it to the dogs, we have to, because no laws no matter what they are, look like ever stopping puppy farming while there is such demand for puppies, and money to be made from the dogs and their suffering.

We wish you all a happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. Cuddle your dogs appreciate them, love them and be happy knowing  you are giving them the life every dog deserves.

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