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31 - 12 - 2016

End of Year News 2016

We have been present at protests outside the largest pet store in the UK #dogs4us raising our voices against the sale of pups in pet shops, something we have done for many years.


After a puppy buyer contacted us about a sick pup she’d bought from a man in Wishaw, Scotland, our Scottish coordinator advised the buyer on who to contact and the steps required for her to gain justice. We contacted SSPCA with information to support her complaint. In addition, we alerted the public to the dealer, a Mr Brownlie. Unsurprisingly this didn’t go down too well with him, and his response was to offer us ample abuse. It got him nowhere, he was silenced when his case came to court and he was banned for life from owning animals.


We reported one of our investigations to RSPCA so that they could take the case further. We supplied them with evidence we’d obtained ourselves of breeding dogs being kept in horrendous conditions. This was a tough case for us personally as we witnessed first-hand the inhumane conditions the dogs were forced to live in. Thankfully RSPCA were immediately able to seize some of the dogs for veterinary treatment and the remainder were seized at a later date. This particular offender/animal abuser was successfully prosecuted twice and we thank RSPCA for acting on our evidence and concerns! You can read more here

Puppy Smuggling Scotland

As you couldn’t have failed to have noticed, illegal puppy smuggling is big business and totally out of control. It really is an horrific industry which causes so much misery not only for puppies and families who buy the pups, but the breeding dogs kept crammed in pens being forced to breed for their whole lives Because of this awful situation we will be at Holyrood on 21st December supporting a motion raised by Emma Harper MSP of the Scottish National Party to help end the illegal puppy trade in Scotland. Emma Harper contacted us to learn more about the trade in Scotland and we were, and remain more than happy to help her with her efforts.

Puppy Farm Objection

We’ve objected to a new puppy farm being licensed in Scotland and using our social media channels and contacts have encouraged others to lodge their objections. The council responsible has contacted us directly and we’ve made them fully aware of the concerns we have and our reasons. All these are based on our years of work in this field and we hope the council will see sense and realise how much opposition there is against this type of business. Legal it may be, moral and worthy it is not.


We’ve recently reported another of our investigations to RSPCA for further action. This should secure help for the dogs and pups we found living a life no dog should live. The details are distressing. We’ll keep you informed of how the case progresses and we hope we’ve made a difference to the lives of another roughly, 50, breeding dogs.


Largely using social media to spread news and information, we’re actively helping the Irish-based groups Pups Not Profit and Ferry Dogmothers publicise the huge problems with puppy farmers that they have. Irish pups are sold in large numbers in the UK and we’ve backed up their campaigns and objections to puppy farms. We’ve also been able to pass on information to operation Delphin and Ports watch.


As well as our investigations and guiding the public, this year has seen our group rescue many ex breeding dogs. Most are now living happy lives well away from the pain and misery they endured for years. Sadly some don’t live long enough to enjoy much of life but, we always ensure they get the care and vet treatment they need to make their last days comfortable and pain free.

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