I took the little brown pup home and he stuck to me like glue. He was very lethargic and wouldn’t eat which I put down to nerves. I made an appointment with the vets for him the next morning. During the night he had a bad bout of diarrhoea. In the morning he was no better but I wasn’t overly concerned as I had the vets appointment. Again he stuck to me like glue.

I took him to the vets. I got him out the car and he was super tired, so I wrapped him in a blanket and took him inside. The vets had an emergency on so I had to wait for half an hour (not their fault). He remained still in the blanket in my arms the whole time. The vet came forward to see him, as she did he decided to throw up (second time that day).

We took him through, she did some initial tests and suggested he stay in so she could take a stool sample. I was a little reluctant as I wanted to take him home but agreed for his sake. She called later saying he was no better and he was a very poorly pup. We’d get results from the stool sample in the morning (Friday).

Friday morning – I called and the vet confirmed he had terrible worms but the lab results weren’t back in. I went over to see him. They had him in isolation on a drip to replenish the fluids he was losing. He was very uncomfortable, I tried to comfort him but it was very apparent he was very ill.

I got a call later to confirm he had parvovirus. And that the next 24 hours would be crucial. Unfortunately the next morning I got the call to say that he had passed during the night.