Daisy’s Story, Raffles Cockapoos

Puppy: Daisy

Daisy, December 2017

We bought Daisy from Raffles in Nantwich on Sunday 17 December 2017.

She died on Christmas Day.

She seemed ok at first, although she had a dry cough on Wednesday. I took her to my local vet on Thursday 21st December to register her and let them check her and book her second vaccination. I mentioned cough and was told to keep an eye on her and try 4 meals a day as she was so small. On Friday morning she would not eat anything and was very quiet so I took her to the vet.  She had a raised temperature so they gave her an antibiotic injection and said to keep a close eye on her. Bought some canned food from the vet to try and tempt her to eat. She slept in her bed most of the day, she drank but would not eat anything and remained very quiet.

I phoned the vet and arranged to take her in as soon as I was back from an appointment . But, when we got home there was a dreadful, rancid smell and Daisy had had diaharrea which was creamy / bloody colour. We took her straight to the vet with a stool sample and they were very concerned about her. They kept her in overnight on fluids and sent bloods off. Nurse called me on Saturday morning and said Parvo antigens showed up in blood results. We decided to take her to the emergency vets as my local vet could not keep her overnight.

When we picked her up to go to vets now in Macclesfield we were told she also had Giardia . She was put in isolation at vets. She would not eat anything while there at all and on Monday 25th December, Christmas Day, they asked for permission to insert a tube to start tube feeding her. Then we got a call at about 9pm to tell us she had deteriorated.  They’d done an ultrasound and her tummy was full of fluid and she had to be put to sleep.

As you can imagine we are devastated and don’t want any other puppies and families to go through this.

IMPORTANT: Giardia has a 9-15 day incubation period and is infectious to humans. If you, or any of your family feel ill with stomach problems, please see a doctor and mention pups infection.

If you have bought a sick puppy from this breeder, please contact Cheshire East Council to log a complaint:

and also get in touch with us: