Buddy’s Story, Richard Kendall, Royal Wootton Bassett, Swindon, Wiltshire

Puppy: Buddy

Buddy, bought 2019 from puppy dealer, Richard Kendall

We’d been planning to get a puppy for a year and saved our money to get one and everything that came with it. We decided on a King Charles Cavalier.

I have bipolar disorder and my daughter suffers from anxiety, this breed acts well as therapy dogs. I searched online and came across Richard Kendall. I wish I’d have researched more thoroughly!

I arranged to go to his house to pick up the puppy I reserved. He was the last one of the litter. Kendall seemed so genuine and very knowledgeable so I had no reason to doubt him. After going through everything I was ready to bring our puppy home. As I left, he instructed me to contact him if anything went wrong and he’d come and collect the puppy and give me my money back. 

When I arrived home, as a family, we fell in love with him, our beautiful Buddy. He was very scared and hid behind our sofa for hours and cowered down if you approached him but we put this down to being in a new place. I booked our vets for the following week for a check-up and his injections. The days leading up to the appointment, he was passing a significant amount of blood when he went to the toilet. The vet said it may have been stomach inflammation. After examination, she diagnosed conjunctivitis (which he’s still recovering from), inflamed ears from ear mites and a very prominent hernia which will need surgery to repair. 
The following day, he was off his food and still passing blood. The vet put him on antibiotics, a special protein paste and also prescription food for a week. After the week, he improved much to our relief. As he was beginning to feel better we concentrated hard on training but he wasn’t understanding any of it. A couple of people commented saying he may have trouble hearing. As the weeks went on it became more apparent that he might. He wouldn’t answer to his name, he wouldn’t react to any sound no matter how loud. I asked the vet, she did some very basic sound tests which he didn’t respond to so she said he may have an impairment. 
I booked him into a specialist for a detailed hearing screening under sedation and we were told that our Buddy is completely deaf. He has absolutely no hearing range whatsoever. As a family, we are now trying to find an experienced trainer so we can learn to train him through sign language. We were gutted about this discovery. My daughter (who is a very sensitive soul) was distraught because he will never know his name and most importantly he won’t hear her when she tells him she loves him. 
In the last week he has started passing blood again. The vet sent off a sample and the results showed that he has an infestation of worms in his stomach that are making him poorly.
In the 6 weeks we’ve had him, we’ve spent close to £1000 in vets bills with more to come. But it’s not about the money. Buddy is part of our family and there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for him. We are more upset and angry about what he’s had to go through in his short life.
The vet said his hearing is down to a congenital defect and I should inform the breeder. I couldn’t find his telephone number so I googled Richard Kendall hoping to find an email address. To my horror, all the search showed was his involvement in sourcing puppies from puppy farms and basically how he is conning people out of money. I saw the video of him being exposed. This was in 2014 and yet he’s still doing this. I contacted the local council and they said he’s doing nothing illegal. I found Puppy Love Campaigns through that search and it opened my eyes to what is going on and I’m sickened people do this. 
I’m obviously very naive because I couldn’t believe people would do this. I never contacted Kendall when Buddy became ill because it was never an option for us to hand him back, or to want to get our money back. I wouldn’t change Buddy for the world but I wished I’d have thought the process through and done my homework.
Despite years of complaints against Richard Kendall, he is still able to legally trade, selling puppies he buys in from puppy farmers. With new legislation coming into force in England in April 2020, selling puppies in this way will be illegal.
Puppy farmers will still be able to breed puppies and sell directly to the public, as they can and do under current regulations.