Bear’s Story Ty Meddyg Pups Ebbw Vale


We collected Bear on Friday the 14th of February and when we got home noticed that he had diarrhoea and was very quiet and lethargic. We were expecting him to brighten up a little as the day went on, taking into consideration that he had been travelling and was in a new environment. We then realised that Bear would not eat his food (which was the food they gave us when we collected him.) As the morning went on none of these things improved, so we phoned the vets and booked a health check for that evening (Vets4Pets Llantrisant). When Bear was seen by the vet we were told that he was dehydrated and underweight for his age and we told them that he had diarrhoea. We were sent home with electrolytes to put in his water and probiotic powder to put on his food (new food that the vet tried with Bear and recommended we kept feeding him for the time being). Bear picked up a little but was unwell during the night, now being sick, and we took him back to the vets on Saturday morning. They were concerned about him and kept him in and sent him to the emergency 24 hour vets (Valley Vets Cardiff) overnight where he was put on a fluid drip and antibiotics. He improved overnight and we collected Bear Sunday lunch time with a  course of antibiotics but were told to take him straight back if he was sick. Bear deteriorated throughout the day on Monday so we took him back to Valley Vets Monday evening. They questioned Parvo virus.

We contacted the “breeder” and she offered for us to give Bear back and choose another dog, as if he were an object, rather than a living being. I believe this shows lack of compassion towards the pets she is selling. Bear was our pet and we had already built such a bond in the short time he had been a part of our family and there was no way we would consider taking him back. She also added that she could not afford vet bills as she buys the puppies to sell on and only makes a small profit. She offered for us to take Bear back to her for her to nurse him back to health as there is no way she is paying vet bills. I believe the fact that she wanted us to take Bear out of the vets where he was being treated professionally for his illnesses and to instead take him to her, once again, shows lack of compassion towards animals which I think therefore deems her unfit to be dealing with animals at all.

Bear tested positive for Parvo virus and Giardia. We were absolutely heartbroken as we knew the chances of his survival were low having both but we still wanted the vets to do everything they could to give him the best chance of surviving. Monday evening through to Friday morning was an emotional rollercoaster. Making and receiving phone calls to and from the vets regarding Bear’s progress/ deterioration and my partner having to come home from work early as he was so concerned and simply could not think about anything else but Bear. What was meant to be the happiest time of our lives bonding with our new puppy Bear and becoming a family of three had turned into the most worrying, heart-breaking time of our lives. We barely slept all week, and were constantly making phone calls, researching and praying that Bear would be ok. We kept telling ourselves that all the tears and heartache would be worth it when he pulls through and is back home where he belongs. Worst of all was Bear’s suffering, from trips back and fore the vets, to being transferred from one vets to another, to having drips and a feeding tube, to finally having a plasma transfusion. He had to go through so much as a 9 week old little pup. Sadly, after paying thousands of pounds in vet bills (due to the fact that the insurance company would not cover the costs as Bear was already sick on the day we brought him home), that day we had hoped for never came and we received the dreaded, heart-breaking phone call that Bear had to be put to sleep as he was in too much pain and deteriorating more and more.

I believe that it is immoral and unjustifiable for animals to be treated with the lack of care and compassion that is shown at Tyr Meddyg Pups. I think that the welfare of the puppies should be of utmost importance and in hindsight I realise this is most certainly not the case here. We acted in total naivety buying Bear from Tyr Meddyg pups and it has been a harrowing experience from just a few hours after we had brought him home. I believe that it was a puppy farm as so many breeds were at the one address with neither parent to be seen. The most heart-wrenching part of this whole experience has been the constant thoughts of the pain and suffering our puppy went through during that week and who knows how long before we brought him home. It truly breaks my heart at the thought of the number of other puppies that have been at Tyr Meddyg Pups and have also unfortunately lived an unwell, short-lived life, just like our Bear.