Bailey’s Story, Pulborough

Puppy: Bailey

Purchased from Link Farm in Pulborough.

We had not owned a dog before so I think we were a bit naive, we certainly know better now. On arrival it was very hectic, from memory there were several fenced pens with just newspaper down and some very scared looking pups. We weren’t offered to see mum or dad and no explanation was given. The pup was placed in my daughters arms and of course she loved him on sight so we agreed to go ahead and paid £500. We were given a puppy pack and told to feed him cooked chicken and also some of the dried biscuit in the pack. We had a photo copy of his first vacs and were told he has been wormed which she also wrote on the receipt, but really there was no concrete proof of this. We were aware he would need flea treatment asap.

The pup was very dirty and smelly, and his backside was caked in dried on poo, I thought this was a bit odd but decided that it was a farm after all so maybe I was expecting a bit much. When we got home we bathed the poor little fella and cleaned him up as best we could. He seemed ok, normal i thought for a pup going to a new home. He had a runny tummy from the offset, which i mentioned to the vets the following morning as I was taking him for flea treatment, they said it was probably just the trauma of travelling/new home etc and it should settle down, they also told me he had fleas.

The tummy problem persisted, and a week later we had to go to the out of hours vets (sunday eve) as we thought Bailey had something lodged in his throat, turned out to be kennel cough, I told them as well that his tummy was still bad and they decided to do an xray as there could have been a blockage, this proved not to be the case luckily, however back to my normal vets the next morning for two lots of treatments, one for his tummy, and one for the cough, so far vets bills have run into almost £400. I phoned the breeder to make sure the insurance was in place and I was assured it was, she didn’t sound too concerned, just said it was farm and dogs catch coughs there’s nothing you can do about it. The cough cleared, the tummy got better whilst on the treatment but then got bad again once the treatment was over. We went back to the vets and were advised to change his diet and send off a stool sample (£90). In the meantime, Bailey had his second injections and I was informed he also had ear mites, and another course of treatment was prescribed. The stool sample came back today 31st Oct and we have been told bailey has parasites and will require further treatments and another stool sample in a weeks time to make sure this has cleared, we were also told this could be transmitted to humans.Toxocara.

I would never have believed I could have been sold such a poorly animal, of course we couldn’t take him back, and we have come so far now, but I do not want anyone else to go through what we have, these people should not be allowed to sell puppies. I wish I had done my homework better and not been so trusting.