Archie’s Story Douglas Hall Kennels

Puppy: Archie

Purchased from licensed pet shop, Douglas Hall Cottage, Spenbrook Road, Newchurch-in-Pendle, Burnley, BB12 9JG.

I am going to tell you a story and I hope it will show you the heartbreaking cases of the tragic dogs and puppies from puppy farms. Back in November 2015 we decided to look for a puppy to join our family, it had taken our children and myself years to convince my husband to buy one. We looked on the internet and found Douglas Hall breeders we went there and we found a little dog which we called Bentley he was our pride and joy he settled into our family and he was our world.

Fast forward to the beginning of February 2016 and unbeknown to me my husband planned and reserved another puppy for my birthday so Bentley had a playmate when he arrived to pick up the puppy he had reserved he found out that they had sold it (I am not convinced it was there when he reserved him) the only other dog left was a little boy who my husband bought and brought him home I called him Archie I loved him.

However by the second week in March I noticed some strange behavior Archie was very agitated walking around the outside if the room hiding his head under furniture and appeared to be blind, I rang our vets and they asked us to take him down if he deteriorated, unfortunately he did and we rushed him down where they discovered he had gone blind and thought he may have meningitis. We were asked to take him back the following day for blood tests and a lumbar punch which we did, by lunchtime he had been diagnosed with a portystemic liver shunt a congenital problem (ie he was born with it). We were given two options to either treat him medically or by major surgery, unfortunately for us we had just changed over our insurance from the breeders to our own and there was a 14 day clause that if he fell Ill within this then he would not be insured so our only option for him was to treat him medically.

For the next 6 months our lives were turned upside down and inside out it was a roller coaster of emergency visits to our vet and the emergency pet hospital and we painfully watched our fur baby deteriorated before our eyes to the point he ended up with sepsis my heat was broken thinking we would lose him (it still makes me cry thinking of this even as I am telling you this). We came to the conclusion that his only option was major surgery.

Archie was referred to Liverpool small animal teaching hospital where his surgery was booked for the end of October, he was in hospital for 5 days and came home to recover and regular blood tests for the next 5-6 months. His last blood test in April however showed that there was a slight problem, it hadn’t closed completely and further surgery was needed so on June 19th 2017 he went back for surgery. At 19.00pm the vet called to say that they had to abandon the surgery because by the time they had got through the scar tissue from the previous surgery he had been on the operating table for 3hrs and therefore risked brain seizures so he had to recover from that and the following week 26th June 2017 he had more liver surgery. We brought him home after 5 days to recover but one month later at his follow up they rang to say he had been cured his liver was now re-growing we are now all so happy we have our dog well for the first time. The cost of all this treatment besides our heartbreak and has cost us a total of £9 813 36. What we have been through as a family has been heartbreaking and I wouldn’t want anyone to go through this, fortunately we have now a happy healthy dog.