Alfie’s Story, Norwich

Puppy: Alfie

Purchased from Lisa Walsh,Green Acres farm

Green Acres farm in Tasburgh, Norwich Norfolk. Note; Giardia is contagious to humans and can make you very ill indeed.

We wanted to get our disabled 6 year old son a puppy for xmas just gone. We’d been promising him for years. We managed to save about £400. Came across Mrs Lisa Walsh offering KC reg, Pedigree, vaccinated and wormed Labrador puppies ready for end of Nov for £350. Sounded perfect for us as couldn’t find any others ready for xmas time. Checked her out, all seemed ok at the time, none of this puppy farming information came up, I’d never even heard of it till now!

So we called and went to view the pups at 4 weeks old. I did think it was strange that it was all set up in her front room, pups were there with mum who seemed and looked healthy and was friendly. She said the dad was out working on the farm. It all looked ok tho so didn’t think much of it, I did also notice there was another room with several cages containing terriers. She said she usually has them in the barn but as it was getting cold she’s got them inside. Didn’t think any more about it. Mrs Walsh was friendly, chatty and bubbly, her son was there in and out. We fell in love with the only golden boy in the litter, which is what we really wanted, he was a nice size and sooooo cute. That was the pup my son wanted so we put down a deposit of £100. She said we could collect him on 26th November when he would be 8 weeks.

The day came, we collected him, she went to get him from the barn. We paid and she said she would have to post out his pedigree papers due to the kennel club delaying things because its all still in her dead husbands name, she said he died 2 years ago and they still hadn’t sorted it. She put on a good act and I felt sorry for her so agreed and took him home. We called him Alfie.

All was going well till he had a poo, it was sooo runny! Phoned her and she eventually got back to me after 2 messages. She sounded concerned for him and advised me to give him some normal milk with weetabix. I thought this was odd advise as it would surly make it worse. I also asked her where his pedigree was as had not recieved it and she said she’ll chase it up. I wasn’t happy, it was late so I emailed the place where we had got some food samples, which Alfie loved. CSJ foods, they are absolutely fantastic! I spoke to the kindest lady, Ceri, and she advised me to get a vet to test for Giardia. Took him to the vets and it was confirmed. With the help of the vets and Ceri, we got Alfie healthy. Or so we thought!

I’ve given up trying to find out when I’m going to get Alfie’s pedigree papers as still not got them! Alfie is 9 months old now and has just been diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. At first we thought he has snapped both cruciate ligaments in his back legs but the vet misdiagnosed. After being referred to a specialist, more xrays and tests, we were told his legs are fine but his hips are in a terrible state and was most definitely born with Hip Dysplasia! We were totally devastated! He needs both hips operated on to replace them both as they are so unstable and arthritis has already set in. He is a little too young to do this surgery yet, needs to be 11 months. So now he is faced with another 2 months of pain and suffering.

He tries so hard not to let it stop him doing anything but I think he knows that he’s gotta rest. Its proving very difficult to keep him rested and we got months of it to come! His puppy years have been taken away from him and from my son too as they cant enjoy their time together as much as they want to and used to, the last few weeks he’s gotten a lot worse and its so heartbreaking to watch. And I honestly don’t know how Alfie has got thru this. He’s a nutty dog and still wants to be that bouncy crazy pup. I think he’s slowly realising that he’s got a problem and needs to rest!

The next 2 months are crucial to him, he’s got to rest like he was in a cage, we don’t have one and I don’t believe in caging an animal so we confine him to the hallway with baby gates. Its gonna be a very long and incredibly hard journey but i am determined to get Alfie through this. And although we got one of the best insurance policy’s for him with £10,000 cover, we will probably still go over and have to find a few grand. Each side of the hip costs £5,000 so thats £10,000 already. We’ve already used £700 on xrays and wot not so we are gonna have a big vet bill plus our premiums will go thru the roof!! I wasn’t really interested in getting our money back on him but this is costing so much money and we are not people that have money to spare! Its turned into a complete nightmare and all because of that evil, twisted, money mad excuse of a woman! I decided the Pen is mightier than the sword. So, I am going to report her and complain about her disgusting so called business. I will send it all with a detailed letter to Trading Standards, the RSPCA, her local Council and the Kennel Club.