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Demonstration against puppy farming in Wrexham, constituency of Lesley Griffiths, Minister

16 - 12 - 2019

2019 – A Year of Investigations

2019 has been a tough year for us.  Towards the end of 2018, after conducting investigations across Wales, we knew that the public had to see the truth of what was going on in Welsh puppy farms. Months of gruelling work showed multiple breaches in license conditions and animal welfare laws. We knew that we had to bring this evidence and our knowledge to a wider audience. Having previously worked successfully with BBC Wales we chose them to take our exposé forward.

For over a year we escorted the BBC team around Wales. We used our contacts and connections to get them into where they needed to be. They accompanied our volunteers into places where we knew irrefutable evidence could be gathered of the failure of the protection of breeding dogs. This is where your generous donations are spent: fuel for the frequent trips around the country; many overnight stays so that we could gain the essential footage; plus the dogs themselves that we were able to rescue. Those that needed to come out of the dire situations they were in. While we never pay for any dogs, we do pick up the bills for their veterinary care once they are safely in our hands. Without your kindness and support our work would be impossible. 

Our team were close to exhaustion by the time the documentary was complete and ready for screening, we could only sit back, wait and hope it had been worth the gruelling months of work. 

It was. Once it aired (watch here) there was no way that the evidence shown on TV could be ignored by those with the responsibility for the puppy farming shame of Wales. 

Changes are now underway to make breeding dogs lives better. Pressure arising from the public witnessing the shocking reality for hundreds of dogs across Wales is bringing about long overdue change. The public is not letting this be swept under the carpet. Have no fear we will be checking any new regulations are being enforced. If they aren’t we will hold those responsible to account again.

Four years ago Wales introduced new regulations after we exposed the atrocious conditions breeding dogs were living in. Those regulations were a sham, an attempt to silence the public outcry. We didn’t ignore, we kept investigating, kept finding the evidence, kept reporting. We will do the same again if the changes being talked about now are not effective, nor enforced.

Since the exposé  aired we’ve been conducting demonstrations in Wrexham, in the constituency of Lesley Griffiths, the minister responsible for dog breeding in Wales. We will not allow this issue to be ignored.

Demonstration against puppy farming in Wrexham, constituency of Lesley Griffiths, Minister

We have sent our reports and evidence to the RSPCA  and local authorities.  We’re pleased to say that the RSPCA and both Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire Councils have acted on our information. We appear to be building something more constuctive with these authorities than has been apparent in the past. Over the years, relationships with these councils have not always been easy, or positive, but there does appear to be a change underway which we are grateful for on behalf of the dogs. Several puppy farms have been inspected and action taken to improve the lives of the dogs on site. Some breeders we’ve reported have had their requests to renew licenses refused and we hope they will retire gracefully. We will be watching. 

It is not all good news however. Powys Council have been unhelpful and obstructive. We will go as far to say they are actively protecting their puppy farmers. Those we have given evidence about, evidence which demonstrates multiple failings in protecting animal welfare. Time will tell  whether or not those with responsibility in Powys Council will change their ways and accept full responsibility for their failings because they are definitely failing. The breeding dogs in Powys are suffering as badly as any we have seen. 

Our evidence and reports have now been sent to everyone with the power to change the situation. We will accept no more excuses for lack of action and enforcement of legislation from anyone. 

Whilst much of our time during 2019 has been taken up with matters in Wales and it’s absorbed thousands of volunteer hours, we have rescued breeding dogs outside of Wales whenever it’s been possible. Two little beauties from Scotland touched our hearts. Jan Gilmour fostered them, naming them Gracie and Charlie.

Charlie & Gracie, puppy farm survivors

Both dogs were terrified of everything and everyone – a direct result of their abusive, terrible lives in the puppy farm. But with Jan’s kindness they came around, were eventually rehomed to a wonderful family and are living a great life together, one they were denied for years by the puppy farmer who confined them. 

2020 promises to be another busy year and we will continue to do all we can for breeding dogs across the UK with your help and support. 

We wish you all a very happy, peaceful Christmas and New year and thank you for your continued support. 

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