Investigations, Shining a light on the Puppy Trade   To raise awareness we allow TV companies to use our undercover...
Pet Shops

Pet Shops

When we started campaigning in 2007 the puppy trade was bad. Nowadays it’s completely out of control. The market in puppies...
Your Stories

Your Stories

To raise awareness we allow TV companies to use our undercover filming/investigations. Our footage has been featured on many current...

About Us

Puppy Love Campaigns Against Puppy farming

We formed in 2007 to campaign against puppy farming.

We investigate and expose the cruelty involved in legal and illegal puppy farming. Our evidence and undercover investigations are often used by the media, bringing these issues to public attention. From the start of our campaigning efforts, we have peacefully and persistently protested against the sale of puppies in pet shops and other retail outlets such as garden centres. We object to third party sales of puppies and wish to see an end to this once our Government has the trade under better control. We draw on our years of experience of dealing face-to-face with dog breeders, puppy dealers and sellers of all kinds to know that only a complete overhaul of the whole puppy trade will bring an effective end to the suffering of dogs in puppy farms.


News Articles

05 - 01 - 2020

Campaigners Call for Inquiry

More When Puppy Love Campaigns initiated the BBC exposé on Welsh licensed Puppy farms which aired in September 2019, we expected an immediate official inquiry...


16 - 12 - 2019

2019 – A Year of Investigations

2019 has been a tough year for us.  Towards the end of 2018, after conducting investigations across Wales, we knew that the public had to see...


01 - 10 - 2019

Now You’ve Seen What We’ve Been Doing All Year…

Last night the news report which we’ve been working hard on for over a year with BBC Wales was aired. We hope it will be a game-changer...


30 - 09 - 2019

UK’s Puppy Farm Capital – Exposed

For the past year we’ve been working with BBC Wales to bring to the public the truth about what is going on in puppy farms...


Our Supporters

The unnecessary suffering that’s caused by puppy farmers and other irresponsible dog breeders is absolutely appalling. It has to stop. And,by destroying their market, ordinary dog lovers can make it happen. If you’re thinking about getting a dog, you can make a difference. Only buy from someone who can prove they’ve taken all reasonable steps to protect the welfare of both the parents and puppies in their care. Do your homework and make sure you...

Mark Evans, Vet and TV Celebrity

Puppy farming is an abuse of our loyal canine companions who deserve to be brought up in healthy and loving environments, and I wholeheartedly support Puppy Love’s Campaign aim to bring an end to the suffering puppy farms cause.

Joe Inglis, TV Vet

Unfortunately yesterday I put down my second Doberman. My first was only just coming to 4 years old and died of lymph cancer. I’m told was in the blood lines. Breeder was kennel club registered. The dog in the photo was Louis my best mate and right hand man. Here we used to run and talk. Here I will spread his ashes. He was just coming to 3. He was a very nervous dog from...

Mark Harris, Actor