Investigations, Shining a light on the Puppy Trade To raise awareness we allow TV companies to use our undercover filming/investigations....
Pet Shops

Pet Shops

When we started campaigning in 2007 the puppy trade was bad. Nowadays it’s completely out of control. The market in puppies...
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Your Stories

To raise awareness we allow TV companies to use our undercover filming/investigations. Our footage has been featured on many current...

About Us

Puppy Love Campaigns Against Puppy farming

We formed in 2007 to campaign against puppy farming.

We investigate and expose the cruelty involved in legal and illegal puppy farming. Our evidence and undercover investigations are often used by the media, bringing these issues to public attention.

Gaining footage from inside puppy farms and breeding kennels, witnessing first-hand the suffering the puppy industry causes is heartbreaking work. We are just a small team of volunteers and until we began our work the cruelty of the puppy industry was largely unknown outside the closed doors of the puppy farms. We are the only UK group doing this kind of work. We are out in the field where we can make a real difference and rescuing dogs when we can.

By exposing the truth, sharing our evidence, educating many and not flinching from what needs doing, we know our efforts make a difference to the dogs.  We could not do what we do without your support, thank you. 


News Articles

26 - 05 - 2020

We Hand Over The Baton

As you may have heard Puppy Love are taking a step back from the puppy farming fight. Since the introduction of ‘Lucy’s Law’ in April...


05 - 01 - 2020

Campaigners Call for Inquiry

More When Puppy Love Campaigns initiated the BBC exposé on Welsh licensed Puppy farms which aired in September 2019, we expected an immediate official inquiry...


16 - 12 - 2019

2019 – A Year of Investigations

2019 has been a tough year for us.  Towards the end of 2018, after conducting investigations across Wales, we knew that the public had to see...


01 - 10 - 2019

Now You’ve Seen What We’ve Been Doing All Year…

Last night the news report which we’ve been working hard on for over a year with BBC Wales was aired. We hope it will be a game-changer...


Our Supporters

I’d been familiar with the work of Puppy Love Campaigns for a number of years before I began writing about puppy farming. When I decided to publish my first book there was no more reliable source for me to turn to than Puppy Love Campaigns. During my research I’ve sat through hours of their footage, all of it upsetting but necessary to bring to us all the brutal reality for breeding dogs. I, and other...

Janetta Harvey, Writer, Blogger and Author

Puppy farming is an abuse of our loyal canine companions who deserve to be brought up in healthy and loving environments, and I wholeheartedly support Puppy Love’s Campaign aim to bring an end to the suffering puppy farms cause.

Joe Inglis, TV Vet

There is nothing more trusting, or more innocent than a puppy. Yet, these precious, heart-warming and beautiful little beings are used and abused, and along with their parents, they are exploited in the most appallingly cruel way in places called puppy farms. Puppies are bred in this way by unscrupulous and uncaring people who wish to make money from constant sales profits of young dogs. Puppy farming is a trade for profit and puppies are...

Maria Daines, Singer/Songwriter