Over the years Puppy Love have been asked many times why we don't support the Kennel Club (KC) and their campaign to end puppy farming. There are those who criticise us, saying we should put politics aside for the good of the overall cause. However, there are many more who understand and agree with our stance, and know the truth that lies behind much of the spin, PR and hypocrisy. We’re happy to set out here why we don’t support any campaign that we consider as hypocritical as that which is put forward by the KC. For us, it is only about the dogs, nothing else. The images you see here are of some breeders premises who register pups with Kennel Club

We regularly receive information from people who say they’ve been misled into thinking KC registration means that the pups they buy are healthy and have been raised ethically. It gives them a sense that ‘KC papers’ and ‘KC registration’ is some kind of quality guarantee. We know the KC make no claims for their basic registration scheme, (they make many about their Assured Breeder Scheme) but, they also know full well that it’s used by many puppy sellers to market the puppies. All it really means, is that the breeder, which in some cases will be a puppy farmer, pays the KC a fee. An example from our records: a puppy buyer told us he did all the research to find the right breed for himself and his family and found what he thought was a good Kennel Club breeder. His puppy, which came with genuine KC papers died a couple of days after purchase from an undiagnosed illness. As it was proven the pup was sick at the time of purchase, the buyer took the breeder to court for reimbursement of £500 and won. What he didn't know when he went to buy his puppy was that the breeder, who, remember, pays a fee to the KC to register the puppies, is licensed to keep 92 dogs on her premises and conditions are not pleasant. There are many more of these puppy battery/factory farms who use KC registration and they confine huge numbers of dogs to a life of breeding. All legal, selling KC registered puppies, but horrible to anyone who genuinely loves dogs.

Another purchaser bought her pup from a KC breeder in Wales, the pup was very sick and had to be put to sleep before she reached her first birthday. Again this breeder is licensed for over 100 dogs and registers littrs with the Kennel Club. The images you see here are of breeders premises who registers their litters KC. This gives breeders/puppy battery farmers, credibility and of course they can ask a higher price for puppies. These breeders are puppy farmers and can house 100 or more dogs in squalid conditions. Needless to say, with that number of dogs, the amount of litters they register with the KC is high, all money going into the KC’s accounts. An example, one breeder in 2009, registered 39 litters; another, in 2015, a breeder of cavaliers registered 11 litters in 3 months. We could give endless examples like this through many years. Most of the dogs in these premises, have no outside runs and spend their lives in one small cell, some never see daylight, food and water can be scarce, and vet treatment is unavailable. But, the litters keep coming, the puppies are being registered with the KC, and sold with KC papers.

They’re not isolated cases and it’s clear to see the money that’s made by the KC from these large scale breeders aka puppy farmers. And, why there’s little incentive for the KC to scrap their registration scheme and cut off this ready supply of money. You may also imagine that breeders who are able to register litters with the KC must be checked in some way. They are not, in fact the Kennel Club’s website says that they: ‘register over 250,000 pedigree dogs and crossbreed dogs every year. Our registration system is open to ALL dogs’ yes, that’s ALL dogs. Puppy farmers included, so long as they pay the KC a fee.

The Assured Breeder Scheme is supposed to be different but the average puppy buyer we speak to, has no idea of the difference between that scheme and the one that registers dogs from puppy farmers. Puppy Love Campaigns have been instrumental in having some breeders removed from the Assured Breeder scheme. Whether we should be the ones policing their scheme is a question many might ask. An Assured Breeder in Scotland kept dogs in appalling conditions and travelled up and down the motorway selling pups at motorway services. Another from Wales, met buyers in Bristol to sell pups in a car park. Yet another in Sussex was an Assured Breeder for French Bulldogs, but also held a pet shop license and was selling farmed pups from a shed at the bottom of her garden. We could go on and on. So, this is why we cannot support an organization which makes money from canine misery by cashing the cheques of puppy farmers on a regular basis and doing little, if anything to remedy the situation, even in some cases when complaints are made to them.

Watch http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/pedigree-dogs-exposed/ and see it’s not only puppy farm dogs that suffer under the current Kennel Club schemes. Many dogs suffer miserable lives from the breeding practises left completely unchecked by the KC.  Puppy Love Campaigns care about all dogs and will not support anything that tacitly, or explicitly supports any cruelty to them no matter where it is.  Read this excellent article by Ryan Omeara http://www.k9magazine.com/blog/kennel-club-hypocrisy-on-puppy-farming-should-anger-all/ Just be aware, do not buy the lies!