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Investigations, Shining A Light On The Puppy Trade

To raise awareness we allow TV companies to use our undercover filming/investigations. Our footage has been featured on many current affairs programmes including the BAFTA award winning BBC's The Dog Factory, ITV's Tonight, ITV Wales This Week and Y Byd ar Bedwar, Sky and Channel Five News, BBC Wales, Week In Week Out, BBC's The One Show and many others. We would like to make it clear we make no profit from this. We never sell our footage.

April 2015 Puppy Love Campaigns assist BBC Scotland in the making of The Dog Factory. The best ever TV documentary on puppy farming. We were thrilled to be a part of this programme and honoured that some of our footage was used. Working with Sam and Liam (producer and reporter)was a pleasure.

September 2014. We work with ITV Wales This Week to expose negelected working sheepdogs. Working with their team was a pleasure and we thank them for highlighting this issue.

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July 2014. Puppy Love work with ITV Tonight programme to expose a Welsh dog breeder. We also expose puppy dealer Richard Kendall. Working with Emma (producer) and Gareth (cameraman) was a pleasure and we thank them for their efforts.

2011 Once again we work with Sian Morgan and the Y Byd ar Bedwar Team. This time we expose Huw Thomas notorious puppy dealer Our thanks to Wendy for taking part in the programme and for giving us information about her pups. Trading Standards are investigating this trader who sells sick and dying pups across England. Please be aware, don't buy pups from dealers. Always see pup with its mum and see all relavent health test certificates.

2010 saw us exposing puppy farmer Derick Davies of Ceredigion. In 2011 BBC Wales helped us to get the information out to a wider audience and we thank them. Working with the Team was a pleasure.

Puppy Love work with Jason Farrell and channel Five to expose Dogs4us and the cruelty behind pet shop puppies. We allow Jason and channel five to use our footage to raise awareness.

Part 1.

Part 2.

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December 2008

Puppy Love work with ITV Wales and thank the team at Y Byd ar Bedwar Working with them was a pleasure.

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Puppy Love investigations have exposed many licensed puppy farms and agents, which have in turn been used to raise awareness and mount public pressure, as a consequence, puppy farms have been closed and also pet shops.

The licensed breeding establishments you see on the films are just a few of many we have complaints against. Councils do not have to enforce The Animal Welfare Act nor it seems are they expected to enforce their own license conditions as you could walk into any pup farm in Wales and find breaches.

The dogs are not in good condition since they are kept in filthy, barren enclosures and are never exercised. Many are even lacking in the very basics of life; water. Most of the time they are in semi-darkness and some are in solitary confinement for years on end. This is very stressful for dogs, who are pack animals; the stress takes its toll on both their physical and mental health. Their pups are fearful as fear is the first thing they pick up from their mother.

On closer inspection of dogs we found rotten teeth, conjunctivitis,cherry eye, glaucoma, infected ears running with pus, mammary gland infections and matted coats. All these conditions have been untreated for years and dogs are still expected to produce pups on every season regardless of their health. From what we have witnessed, especially on working farms, any old shed, barn or pig stye will do to house dogs, they spend their lives in dark, dingy buildings with no outdoor runs or exercise given, the lucky ones get cleaned out once a day and fed and watered and that is all the human contact they have. Others are not so lucky and don't even get basic care once a day.
The farmers seem to think this is acceptable and treat dogs like livestock, which they are not! The consequence of this is that puppies are not socialised, adult dogs are often bred until they can breed no more and illnesses are left untreated,as vets cost money.

We are often asked if we report what we find to RSPCA, the answer is yes. We have made statements and produced vet reports for RSPCA, given them our film to view and allowed them to use our information to educate Welsh councils .